What Auto Intel Does Best

Auto Intel is an Ontario recognized dealership growth agency specializing in web development, inbound marketing, and online strategy.

We Have a costume strategic plan for all car dealerships, OEM and corporate automotive brands (Automotive Retail Sector) to ensure they achieve growth targets and stay ahead of the computation. Maximizing your growth opportunities with the most cost-efficient private sales, GEO targeting, Google web structure, Ai CRM, SEM and mobile PWA to amplify the value of your dealership’s marketing spend. Effective marketing campaigns to high-potential car buyers with the latest practices in most creative digital formats such as Mobile GEO, amplified data spray and local email marketing.

We are client-focused and know that every business is unique. We tried to master digital by understanding each business niche in the market place. Therefore, we are proud to offer customized solutions. We combine first-class products and services with strategic planning experience and creativity to enhance our clients’ brand and success. We seek to partner with all our clients to harness the power of the Internet in meeting their business goals. Our goal is to create desire around innovations and provide joy for people. In today's paced world we believe that we can be the link between your idea and its creation process. Because it begins with a story, we can bring the knowledge of the constant development that occurs around us and turn it into something beneficial for users and constantly thinking about the user experience, guide them towards their goals and provide them with this unique story through your concept.


Geo Targeting

GEO targeting for local buyers in your neighbourhood are the most important asset for your business. Our predictive marketing cycle nurtures your prospects through the sales cycle, sending the right messages at the right time, driving the right people to purchase at your dealership. Our multi-channel approach is maximized for high impact and adapts to customers’ preferences.

Unite Planning With Execution‍

Managing your CRM has never been this easy. Manage all aspects from planning, task completion and reporting from one seamless platform. With Auto Intelligent, you can optimize your business for success, by getting rid of bottlenecks and collect valuable data for your tasks that are represented in informative infographics for easier and more accurate action.

Get Customers In The Door

Stop losing customers to your competition. Invest in a system that provides a personalized online experience for your customers. Auto Intelligent provides you with tools that provide personal communication with your customers based on what they have been browsing on your website. With our tools, you will drive traffic and boost sales.

What We Offer‍

Auto Intelligent is an all in one Marketing and CRM platform with automated tools to help you source and capture leads and turn them into loyal customers. Our range of tools helps you to solve different challenges your business could be facing which include

Improve My CSI

Improve customer experience by using integrated tools for efficient and timely task completion and provide your customers with the ultimate digital experience.

Improve Customer Experience

Integrated communication systems that avoid redundant and repetitive questions and improve data collection to save time and improve customer experience.

Clean Up My Data

Get rid of duplicate, incomplete and out of date data that can result in lost leads and wasted revenue. With Auto Intelligent, you have a single platform. You eliminate problems that come with having multiple systems without integrations which are the root cause of the bad data leading to bad marketing strategies.

Revolutionize your CRM using a proven and comprehensive software that takes care of all your business and customer needs in one simple and easy to use interface.

Create Loyal Customers‍

Cut costs and keep your customers coming back with our communication and data collection tools that improve the experience of your customers and save time through integration of both online and phone-in communication.

Increase Leads From My Website

Turn your website into a lead funnel with CRM processes that equip your sales team with vital data on the browsing history of your visitors that you can proactively use to reach out to the visitors and turn them into customers.

Sales + CRM

Improve your sales and customer management with one integrated system that offers access to the sales and marketing, business development and customer service teams for a seamless and efficient business process and excellent customer experience.


Innovative and effective messaging tools to help engage with customers, collect data and turn potential leads into customers. Effective messaging tools cut the time taken before you can create a contact with visitors improving the experience and building customer satisfaction with your business.

Email Marketing Automation Sales CRM

All the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your business. With our email marketing automation tools, you can maximize your leads without expanding your marketing budget or team.

Boost customer experience and contact with your business using our sales CRM and sales tools. You will drastically reduce the time taken to get in touch with clients and reduce the risk of leads going cold or pushing them to the competition.

Email Marketing

Improve lead generation using our effective email marketing tool. Build a reliable sales funnel and manage existing leads efficiently at all stages of the purchase process.

Who We Worked with

In-depth user research and design, functionality analysis, engineering, and support are the base of our approach to software development, which is appreciated by our prominent clients.